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When And Where Do We Deliver?

Please note that our delivery team will be on holiday on Monday 10th June 2024  for "Tuen Ng Festival. Deliveries will as per usual on Tuesday 11st June 2024

Please Note that you can still place an order online during our delivery team's holidays as our online shop is never closed or on 'holiday' but the earliest date and time you can request for delivery, if you order during our delivery team's holidays, would be when our delivery team is back in operation which would be Tuesday 11st June 2024 in this instance.

We deliver Mondays to Saturdays to most areas in Hong Kong including Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories, as well as Tung Chung and the Airport.

Unfortunately at this point, we do not deliver to Ma Wan, Lantau Island (excluding Tung Chung and Airport) and Discovery Bay. As an alternative, you can arrange to have your order delivered to your office address or at one of the piers at a specified time agreed with our delivery team (you can call us on 2428 7832 or 2428 7833 to arrange or we will call you to arrange if we notice your delivery address is in any of the outlying islands listed above). Please note that for pier deliveries we will need at least one working day's notice to arrange for an appropriate meeting time. In some cases, we may be able to deliver directly to addresses located in the above outlying islands but this may be subject to additional delivery charges. Please feel free to call us on 2428 7832 or 2428 7833 to enquire if this option is available for your preferred delivery date. 

Otherwise, feel free to give us a call (2428 7832 or 2428 7891) or email (cs@jettfoods.com) if there are any special delivery arrangements you’d like to request. We will try our very best to meet any requests.

Note that deliveries on Sundays and Public Holidays are not available unless otherwise specified on the site.

There will be a text box in the checkout stage where you can indicate the date and time (Session A or Session B) you'd like your order to arrive. Note that Session A deliveries arrive between 10am and 2pm whilst Session B deliveries arrive after 2pm.  

The earliest delivery date and time you can request is dependent on when you place your order according to the following schedule:

Time Order PlacedEarliest Delivery Time
Between Monday 10:01am to Monday 3pm Tuesday Session A
Between Monday 3:01pm to Tuesday 10am Tuesday Session B
Between Tuesday 10:01am to Tuesday 3pm Wednesday Session A
Between Tuesday 3:01pm to Wednesday 10am Wednesday Session B
Between Wednesday 10:01am to Wednesday 3pm Thursday Session A
Between Wednesday 3:01pm to Thursday 10am Thursday Session B
Between Thursday 10:01am to Thursday 3pm Friday Session A
Between Thursday 3:01pm to Friday 10am Friday Session B
Between Friday 10:01am to Friday 3pm Saturday Session A
Between Friday 3:01pm to Saturday 10am Saturday Session B
Between Saturday 10:01am to Saturday 12pm Monday Session A
Between Saturday 12:01pm to Monday 10am Monday Session B


NB: We recommend Session B (After 2pm) for office deliveries so as to ensure that your goods are not left in the office for the whole duration of the day. An ice pack or a frozen bottle of water will be included with your office delivery but it is still highly recommended that you store your goods in a freezer or refrigerator if this is available.

How much will delivery cost?

All orders $700 or above will qualify for free delivery. Any orders below $700 will incur a $80 surcharge. 

How do we keep your goods cold up to the time you receive them?

Once your order has been confirmed, your goods are basically taken straight from the freezer then promptly prepared in our HACCP approved process centre and finally sent to you via refrigerated trucks. This is why your goods are maintained so cold when they arrive in your hands.

It should be noted that currently all our meat and seafood products except for our New Zealand Blue Mussels are frozen.

What if there is no one home to receive the delivery?

Our delivery man will firstly attempt to contact you on the phone number you have provided to us at Checkout. If it turns out that you are unreachable then our delivery man will return your package back to us where we will keep it in cold storage for delivery on another date determined by you when we eventually reach you. Note however that we may have to apply a delivery surcharge for redelivery although any surcharge will be at cost.

Are there any other circumstances in which potential delivery issues might arise?

We are unable to deliver if there is no legal unloading area within 50 metres of the delivery address and if there is no functioning lift to the 3rd Floor or above. We are also unable to deliver in the event of typhoon signal No. 8 or above being raised or if a black rainstorm warning is issued.

Under the above circumstances, a customer service representative will be in contact with you to rearrange delivery. Note that a delivery surcharge may be applied for re-delivery of your goods but any surcharge will be at cost.

What happens if you live outside our delivery areas or need delivery outside of our standard delivery schedule? Can your delivery be customised?

Your comfort and convenience of shopping with Jett Foods is our utmost priority thus we will certainly endeavour to work out a customised delivery that will work for you. Just give us a call or email and we will do our very best to meet your delivery requirements.

Note however that we may have to apply a delivery surcharge for customised deliveries although any surcharge will be at cost.