Chilled AUS Award-Winning Black Angus Bavette Steak/Flap Meat ("~3.52kg"/pack of 2 whole slabs) - Customisable

Price: $78.6/lb   $173.3/kg
Chilled AUS Award-Winning Black Angus Bavette Steak/Flap Meat ("~3.52kg"/pack of 2 whole slabs) - Customisable
Price: $78.6/lb   $173.3/kg
Now this one's a true butcher's secret. Forget about all the other so-called butcher's secret cuts that other retailers are hyping up these days like the flank, skirt (or even rump) because let's face it these are not so unheard of anymore and are just cheap cuts (but overpriced by other retailers) that are in fact inferior in terms of tenderness and juiciness when compared to the rib eyes and tenderloin. Flap meat on the other hand is still relatively rare to find but we'll be honest, it is slowly turning up on many restaurant menus including high end steakhouses but they will most likely use the more appealing French name for it, Bavette Steak (sound familiar?)! Restaurants that are already offering this special cut (which really gives traditional cuts such as rib eye a run for its money) are charging around $310 for something like 200g of it - that's a whopping $1,550/kg - take another look at our price per kg above and we're sure you'll realise the value we love to give our customers.

We are offering these by the whole slab currently but we can cut it to your specification - thickness, weight etc. These will come chilled and are not previously frozen so you can always choose to freeze any parts that you can't finish in time before the chilled state best before date We will be in contact with you via phone to confirm the customisation details with you so please be sure to leave a valid number that we will be able to contact you on.

It is not prevalent in Hong Kong yet but will soon be launched at a few select restaurants and hotels here too. But for a limited time, we would like to give YOU first dibs of this premium world-class brand of Australian beef.

For orders that require customisation, if you order before 2pm of a certain day, you can receive your order the next day earliest. If you order after the 2pm cut off time, please allow for 2 days to receive your order. If the order is made over the weekend (Saturday or Sunday), the earliest day for delivery would be the following Tuesday. However, the cutoff time is meant as only a guideline, we aim to cater to your requirements as much as possible so feel free to give us a call to discuss a suitable arrangement if you have in fact missed the cutoff time.

Stock is scarce so act NOW if you want a piece of this premium world-class brand of Australian beef before even the restaurants do!

Please also take note of the use by date labelled on the packaging which is for the chilled state of the beef.

Weights listed are only approximate and may have a +/-10% variance (however, this usually means the item weighs a bit more than the listed weight).

Please note that the pictures shown are for reference only and may not be an exact representation of the product. Currently, unless specified otherwise, all our meats, seafood and vegetable items come raw and frozen.

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Size: ~3.52kg

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