Regular Blue LotusGrill ("340mm" diameter) + Smokeless Charcoal ("1kg") + Lighter Gel ("200ml")

Regular Blue LotusGrill ("340mm" diameter) + Smokeless Charcoal ("1kg") + Lighter Gel ("200ml")
WARNING: Burning charcoal in closed areas with no ventilation is fatally dangerous as it can cause oxygen deprivation. Therefore, when using this LotusGrill (especially because there is very little or no smoke and you may forget that there is charcoal burning), be sure to use it in a well ventilated area like outside or by windows with the windows open.

LotusGrill is a smokeless charcoal grill, invented and designed in Germany for the use in the garden, on balconies, for camping and for ships and boats. The LotusGrill is a unique table barbecue - even if knocked over, no embers or coal can escape from its container.

The Regular size is a good handy size with a diameter at about 340mm. A 1kg box of smokeless charcoal and a 200ml bottle of lighter gel will be included with this item.

It is the ultimate, award winning grill experience - smokeless, healthy, easy, quick and secure!

Simple idea. Big effect. The LotusGrill has a battery-powered built-in fan, which constantly supplies the charcoal with air. Thus, the LotusGrill is ready to use in 3 to 4 minutes. The on/off switch also works as an infinitely adjustable heat control. The more air is provided, the hotter the charcoal burns. There is no risk of flying sparks or dropping charcoal because the charcoal is placed in a closed container on the inner bowl of the LotusGrill.

With its double-layered construction, the LotusGrill keeps heat in the inside bowl. The LotusGrill can be touched, moved or even carried around during use because the outer bowl never gets too hot. With its clever construction, the LotusGrill catches any greased ripping from your food in its inner bowl. No grease reaches the charcoal so no flames and smoke are generated from it.

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Size: Regular 340mm diameter

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